Friday, May 28, 2010

Street markets!

One of the best things about Kuala Lumpur is the shopping! Everywhere you look there are huge malls. The best part about the shopping here, though, are the street markets. Certain nights of the week different ones transform into huge, crowded markets, which they called pasar malam. You can find anything from exotic fruit and fish to designer knock-offs and unique jewelry. Each one is different too, so it is a different experience each time.

So far, I have gone to Jalan Petaling in Chinatown, which is very big. Aside from shopping, you can buy pieces of fruit for only 1 RM, which is about 30 cents, or different fruit iced teas.

The main night for the market in Bangsar is Sunday night. They have mostly fruit and fish you can buy.

Another market is Central Market, which is right near Jalan Petaling. It is actually inside so it is more like a mall. Each store has very unique things ranging from jewelry and clothes to furniture and small souveniers. They have a small food court with many food choices to pick from! They have Thai, Indonesian, Indian, and Malaysian. They even had special cuisine from Kelantan, a northern state in Malaysia, which I tried and very much enjoyed!

Aside from the ones I mentioned, there are many more street markets throughout Kuala Lumpur, so hopefully I can get to all of them before I leave!

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